Reframing Feedback

What is the purpose of conducting Performance Reviews? Even though it isn’t the most popular activity for supervisors, in a majority of organizations, it is required.  So it may help to take a moment to reflect on why we do … Continue reading

What is your Personal Interaction Style?

The Personal Interaction Style® assessment by Lockwood Leadership International is one of my favorite self-awareness tools. The profile itself is easy to complete (58 yes/no questions) and the information discovered about oneself and others is simple to understand. More importantly, … Continue reading

What is your mindset?

As we understand the topic of emotional intelligence, self-awareness stands out as the key foundational concept that all others are built upon.  We must be self-aware in order to be successful in business, and in life.  An important area of … Continue reading

Featured Speaker for Akron SHRM

Recently I was the featured speaker at the Akron Area Society of Human Resource Management Strategic Conference. My sessions were “Utilizing Calibration to Differentiate Performance” and “Back to Basics- Developing Better Succession Planning.”  I enjoyed the opportunity very much, and … Continue reading

I’m Daring Greatly

When I first started my business, a friend of mine suggested that I blog about the books that I read.  I am an avid reader and what you’d call a self-help book junkie.  I guess I think I’m going to … Continue reading

How High is Your Emotional Intelligence?

How high is your Emotional Intelligence?  Studies show that the level of your EI is a better predictor of success than your IQ.  Luckily, unlike IQ, you can increase your emotional intelligence with some awareness and practice.  Emotional Intelligence is … Continue reading

Thank You Enlightened Women!

It was a true blessing to meet all of you that attended my presentation, “Discovering Your Best Self: Intentionally Creating Work/Life Imbalance” yesterday at Kent State University’s Women in Business Conference.  Your enthusiasm and interest in the topic was inspiring … Continue reading

Happy 2013!

My New Year’s resolution in 2013 is to find more inner peace. I believe that to find inner peace you need to be true to yourself. You need to be as authentic as possible in all situations.  Sometimes that can … Continue reading